Sep 18, 2008

Getting there

Well....still no artwork has happened since my daughters big apartment move. I guess that's because we actually spent more time this week working on it before it could really become official. She had a couple of appointments this week in the area as well as quite a bit of stuff still at the house that she hadn't managed to take the first trip. So, she came back for two nights so things could get wrapped up.
Needless to say...I was thrilled to have her "home". The evening she arrived there was a beautiful full moon shining over the we both went outside to take pics. The two days she was here was the best I'd slept. Guess I shouldn't be surprised.
Last night my husband and I followed her back up to her apartment to help her take the remainder of her things. Yes....I guess it's official now. The room looks emptier than I thought I'd ever see it.
Well....a few more tears....then I'll try to get on to what we'll now call normal.

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roc said...

hang in there. we all go through it. it's just another phase of life for us. makes us appreciate what our folks went through when we moved out. it's hard initially but it does get better. you still miss them like crazy but you stop crying so much.