Sep 12, 2008

Just sad

because my little one leaves the nest tomorrow. I certainly knew, as a mom, it would happen sooner or later. But I guess you just can never be quite ready. At the age of 23....not to long from 24, I guess I did pretty well having her around this long.
At the same time that I'm deeply saddened, I'm also deeply proud. She is a bright and beautiful young woman with a great future ahead. She has landed her first big job and is moving to her first apartment closer to work.'ll be over an hour away from "home", but I realize it could have been much worse.
As a mom I feel I'm due my moment of tears....but I also know deep in my heart that this will pass and good things are ahead!


jennalee said...

What a milestone. I feel for you, though I haven't been there yet. What will you do with your empty nest?

roc said...

yup wanda..i've been there twice. it isn't with any of them. it gets better as time goes on. but the first few times they'd come home for a visit and then leave i'd cry. it is a bittersweet experience...sad for us but great that they are becoming independent. at least we can take solace in knowing we did a great job in helping them make it to this point. god bless you.

ReneeBuchananArt said...

Oh, Wanda. I can't even imagine how this must be (my little boy is only 11 and I'm already dreading him leaving!)

Be thankful she is still well within driving range so you can still get together often :)