Jul 15, 2008


Painting of koi! This is the larger one I mentioned previously. Image size 14"x20".
I decided to take pics of the steps for this one. Starting top left, this is where the fish are masked and the the juicy backgroud is put in. This is all done very wet. The pieces of stretched gauze and pieces of wax paper are added now too. (see eariler post on koi painting for this process)

The next photo is with all the texture elements removed and masking removed from fish.
In the following photo I'm painting the colors on the fish. This again is done very wet. All of the background is dry, but you really wet the white area of the fish and add the color to this.
The next photo starting in the bottom row at left is a closer detail of the fish, as is the next one, where all but one fish is painted. The last photo is the finished piece.

This was just a fun painting to do. It's been a while since I've done one this size since I've been sooo busy for so long with all the "little" art I've been into.
This one is now all matted and framed. Hope to stay on a roll and do more "big" art.

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