Feb 2, 2019

Keeping up

Yes, that's my goal this year. For 2019 I plan to try to keep up with this blog once again. Not off to a very good start considering it already Feb. 2nd., but hey, takes time to get back up to speed.
I started off the year with the first month being mainly a huge clean up month for my art room. Needed to get into some very deep cleaning and purge whatever I could. Not easy. Still need to prune a bit more off the top, but after weeks of going at it, it's in darn good shape.
After the big clean up I finally got back to work and decided on some small bird pieces. Since the birds are all over the feeders right now with the single digit temps we've been having, they seemed like the perfect subject. My little "Woody" the woodpecker sold within a day after posting it to the Torn Paper Paintings facebook page.
I've also been keeping busy with the co-op gallery I joined about six months ago. Lovely place and lots of delightful and talented artist members as well. We have over 30 artists and the gallery is on two levels. Great space. Working in there a couple times a month is more fun than work. I can keep changing up my wall space, have nice chats with customers, and exchange information and inspiration with other artists. The gallery is The Hotpoint Emporium in the lovely town of Bristol, RI.
The name Hotpoint comes from the huge vintage neon sign on the outside of the building that referred to the appliances back in the day. Even though it's in desperate need of repair, it's a grand thing to see.
In fact, there is now a fundraiser for this purpose...to bring the sign back to it's former glory. We have already located a person who can do the repairs and get it back to glowing again with actual neon lights. Fingers crossed we can make this happen.
So, there you have it. This is what I'm up to and my plans at the moment.
I will do my best to stay on top of things here and will also update on any and all progress on the restoration of the Hotpoint sign.
Stay tuned.

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