Sep 3, 2014

Gelli day bonus!

As a rule...when the weather is beautiful...I like to take all my painting supplies and make a huge colorful mess outside.
For creating my Torn Paper Paintings, I need to keep a full supply of papers painted up in many colors and designs to be used for when I start each painting. A good ongoing supply is important so that I don't always have to make more at the last minute....and living in New England...painting outdoors isn't possible year round.
Today was one of those awesome painting days.
My favorite papers to turn into colorful collections are my rice papers and old book & music pages.
Along with my watercolor and acrylic other favorite tool is my Gelli Plate!!  I have two my larger one goes outside with me!
(click on the pics to see them larger)
After many hours of a fun filled afternoon I not only had a lovely collection of new papers to work with....but a nice new collection of colorful envelopes as well!!
You see....the second pull on a plate is generally called the "ghost", rather than make those pulls on another paper....I used white envelopes....a bonus!!
Now I'm looking forward to sending out some beautiful mail !!!


cathy parmelee said...

love it all!

Az Scrappin Sisters said...

Love your ideas....Can you write more and show pixs of using rice papers....Anything different or unique about using rice papers? Thinner papers...delicate when wet....thanks

WW said...

Thank you Az Scrappin Sisters.
If you take a look at my Torn Paper Paintings facebook page you'll find many areas there that I posted on my use of the gelli plate.