Jul 16, 2014

Wild Weekend

It must be written somewhere that all creative activities in the summer must take place on the same weekend!!!
For whatever reason....that's the way it works around here. Trying to take advantage of all of it is nearly impossible....but sometimes we try...lol
This coming weekend is the one...yep....every artist and art lover in the area will be out in full force! Westport Art Group got a jump on everyone and started their show last weekend. It'll run through the week and wind itself up this weekend.
Then there is the HUGE yearly event...the South Coast Open Studios Tour. If you click on the page then click on the "open studios" tab...you'll even be able to download the maps and brochure for this event. It's always a fun day full of inspiration to drive around looking into the inner workings of all those art studios!!!
Lucky for me...there's another open studios day like that next month as well, because this weekend I'll be quite busy myself as a guest artist for the July trunk show at The Art Stable Gallery in Westport, Ma.
I'm really looking forward to this. The weather is (fingers crossed) so far...predicted to be lovely.
With all the events going on all over the area for the weekend...it's sure to be a busy place. I love meeting everyone and answering all their many questions...and being able to talk "shop" with all the other artists around.
I also plan to bring some small pieces with me that I can work on if there are slow periods.
If you're in the neighborhood....stop by and say hello!!

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