Jun 14, 2014

Tis The Season

Three Amigos
the "busy season" that is!!
Waiting for the summer to actually take hold has been a long and almost painful process!! The spring has been anything but lovely. One of those very unpredictable New England springs at best.
Now...finally....I'm feeling optimistic!!
The weather seems to officially be on the upswing and people are getting out and about.
I just received word yesterday (yes, Friday the 13th...love it) that the Three Amigos just sold!!! Yay....that's a good sign that Cape Cod and The Little Beach Gallery are getting into full swing.
This means I'll be creating at full speed....because I'm also due to be one of this summer's "guest artists" during a trunk show weekend in July at The Art Stable Gallery!! Sooo....I've got to have plenty of stock not only for these two places...but for the upcoming local shows!!!

Been working pretty much non-stop to stay ahead of all this.

Seems that 12"x24" canvases have been my size of choice lately. Did another "cabana" piece. The first one I'd done last summer sold on the first day of a week long show. Figured I'd better produce another one.

Also did another Whale Tail because I've actually sold two others and have had inquires about more.

And...as always.....Mermaids!! The latest one...just finished today in fact....is Avalon.
I'm really pleased with her. It's not always easy to get that vision you have in your head to show up on the canvas. She came pretty darn close!!

Yes...all of these are 12"x24".

Got my next subject planned and ready for an underpainting!!
No...not a "coastal" subject this time. Sometimes you just need
to change the pace a bit.
Soo...stay tuned.
The "season" has begun!!

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roc said...

it's always so nice to see your art! love what you've been creating. so happy things are selling for you!