May 4, 2013

Mini delights!!

It always delights me whenever some of my art gets published. Whether it's in a national magazine or a local publication. Any press at all is good press.
Sometimes I make a serious effort to make it happen...sometimes it just comes to me. This latest one was due to a "readers challenge".
Cloth Papers Scissors Magazine was holding a challenge at the beginning of the year for "mini" art. The idea was to do something that was 4" or less in the style that you would normally do your larger art.
Well....this was no problem. For a few years now I've been making some mini pieces (2.75") to go along with my larger art for the gallery in Cape Cod that represents my work... The Little Beach Gallery.
I decided that one of my little seagulls would be just the thing. So I made one for the challenge and emailed the image. A month later, when the challenge closed I received an email saying I was a finalist and would need to send it to them for a photo shoot. I was soo excited....but still had no idea when I'd see it in print. All I knew was we were to receive our work back in mid April.
Then one morning when I got online with my art group, a friend of mine who had just gotten her latest subscription copy for May/June posted a "congratulations" to me. When I asked her why, she said she spotted my seagull right away in the issue! How fun!!
Cloth Paper Scissors is one of my favorite magazines. Always cool interesting articles. I actually worked with them once before for their very first Collage in Color eMag. I was one of their features for that one, complete with a stop action video which was great fun to create.
I was now thinking that I would see my little seagull turn up back home soon...but he never arrived in the mail. Next thing I knew...I had an email from the assistant editor. Seems she spends a lot of her summer in the Cape. She said that my little guy reminded her very much of the happy days that she spends there. Then...she asked if she could buy him from me!!
Well........needless to say, I was just over-the-moon flattered by that. Knowing how much artwork goes through those offices all of the time, to think that my little gull made such a connection made me quite proud.
Although I do normally "sell" them...I was so honored by the request that I decided to simply "gift" it to her instead.
I'm just thrilled to know that my little guy has a good home.
Barbara, thank you for the compliment. Enjoy!

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