Jan 6, 2013

Startiing with Zen

It's the start of a brand new year and as the excitement and rushing around from the just past holidays starts to fade....it's time to sit, pause, and relax a bit.
To do this, I find that a bit of doodleing is the answer. Some call it "zentangles", and yes, while it looks much like it, I'm not one of those "certified zentangle folks", so for me it's just elaborate doodles. Did them all the time growing up......who knew!
Whatever you call them, it's a lovely way to slowly get your creative juices flowing again. Before you know it you're in a zone and the right brain is in charge.
I just did this little piece, a bookmark, for my online art group. Doesn't have to be something big.
Yes....I'm still doing my Torn Paper Paintings....and in fact I've got new ones in the works...but every now and then you need to do a little something different to clear the webs and shake things up.
Gets all the creativity going again.
Go ahead....doodle a while!!

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