Feb 20, 2011

Summer Fun

....or at least that's what it looks like in my art room!!
I enjoyed making that first sand pail & shovel so much that I've done two more. What a darling set they make. I'm quite sure there will be more to come.
I can already see the direction that the new season will take....and I like it!


Terri Kahrs said...

Love, Love, LOVE these, Wanda! They're sooooo evocative of summer fun!!! What a fabulous direction for the new "season"! They're so bright and cheery that they knocked away my winter doldrums today and took me to my "happy place"!!! Gorgeous!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxoxo

Astrid Maclean said...

Ooooh, love them, want to head straight to the beach and play. Such a wonderful antidote to winter, gorgeous stuff!!!

Effie said...

These are fabulous.. what a fantastic technique just so creative!

roc said...

oh these are awesome! love 'em!

WW said...

Thanks gals. I've had quite a bit of fun with these.
I think we're all overdue for a bit of sun and warmth.
We can at least imagine it when looking at them.

WW said...

Love all your thoughtful comments...but need to let you know that there is a bit of a glitch on Blogger at that moment.
Sadly...for some random reason, every now and then comments that are left for me to moderate and put on the post....disappear!!
I've had 2 of them drop into cyberspace already......so if your comment doesn't show up....I'm really sorry. I tried.
I have no control over this.
However, please don't stop leaving these comments....I do get to at least see them and enjoy them very much!