Aug 11, 2008

Back from Maine

YAY...finally back from Maine. Not that I don't
enjoy being there mind you....but this visit was not quite what I'd hoped.

But are the pics of the paintings I did and donated to the fundraiser for the Farnsworth Museum that I'd mentioned in my previous post.
"Gulls" and "Outdoor Dining". How lucky we were that Saturdays weather turned out well.

As for why this trip wasn't one of the most fun started with the room we were given at the TradeWinds. First of all, let me explain that there were no other rooms in town that would have been available to trade for, so what you got was what you got!
In this case it was more like what you "didn't" get.....WINDOWS.
Have you ever heard of a hotel room without any window??? Well...I should say that yes, there was one, which looked out into the hall!!! In my opinion, if the window only looks into the hall and not's not a window. Because of this, the lighting in the room never changed. You couldn't look out to see if it was day or night or even what the weather was. Each morning I'd have to get up, dress, then go to another area of the hotel where there was a window "to the outside" to see what the weather was! Thank goodness the room was at least cute and clean, it's only saving grace.
Then, as luck would have it, it rained sooooo hard on Friday, all day (I had to keep going elsewhere to find a window to check) that I couldn't even leave this room. Parts of Maine were sooo badly flooded that some streets collapsed.
By the end of this day I was going stir crazy from being in this windowless box and had wished someone would pop some holes in the top to breath!!
I had hoped that maybe being able to get the internet would help me a bit, but of course the signal wouldn't last and I'd get 5 minutes if I were lucky before I'd be booted!

Luckily the weather cleared for Saturday & Sunday. As you might imagine, I spent all my time outside!!
When the show ended yesterday around 4pm, we packed up and went to spend the night with friends who live about 1 hour south of Rockland.
We had a lovely evening with them and headed back home this morning.

Word of advise.
Previously I would ask when booking a room if there was a "view". Now, if they say there is no view.....I intend to ask if there is at least a " window"!!
Who would have thought to even need to ask that question???


roc said...

i'm giggling. what a trip! oh my gosh...a window to the hall. who ever heard of that?? sometimes life just throws us curves. i'm glad you're back!

barefootchef said...

Well Wanda, so very sorry to hear that your view was a hall. ICK!!! What a trip you had.

At any rate, your work is just as beautiful as ever and I'm sure it was scarfed up quickly!