Jul 11, 2008

All my jiggys

are finally made and almost ready to mail. These little guys are being donated to the Autism fundraiser event called "Art Now for Autism"

The foundations logo is a puzzle piece, and it turns out that for this event they have a special need for "puzzle pins".
Since I've been making these puzzle pins for a while now...I contacted them about these and was told that they'd LOVE to have some!
I've made eight of these little guys for them!
These fun little pins will be on their way on Monday!

Since I'd completed the pins last night, I spent much of today as a "play" day. My friend Debbie came over to join me in a day in the pool!
We started with coffee on the dock for a bit so we could catch up on all the latest....then into the pool.
I don't believe we even got out of the water for two hours straight! It felt sooo good. We had a really fun time and it felt very much like two little girls just having a great day of play!
Note to self: do this more often! :)


roc said...

these are adorable wanda! how nice of you to donate such a great thing to help others out. that is so admirable.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much! They are fabulous! I know I will have to buy one myself!