Jul 8, 2008

Our local art group

does a summer painting/craft show and sale each year.
During that week-long event they also have a wall set up of 5" x 7" paintings donated by each of the members. The paintings are used as a raffle fundraiser.

These little paintings are always a huge hit and earns the group a nice tidy sum.

This is my donation for this year................... a watercolor of koi.
I was recently given a book on working in a spontaneous way with the medium. I've always been pretty loose and love working very wet with the paint...but this was much fun. It also incorporated other things into it to create texture. For instance.....the look of pebbles at the bottom of the water was by placing pieces of wax paper onto the wet paint and some of the other textures...the seaweedy looking stuff was by doing the same with pulled apart medical gauze.
After adding these things to the painting you drop in a bit more color on top and then let it dry. When dry, remove it all and paint in any extra detail.
I had such fun doing this I was working on several at once.
Right now I also have a large....maybe 18 x 24" (didn't measure it) piece like this in the works.
This was great fun for loosing up and kick starting a creative block!