Jul 25, 2008

It's been busy

the last couple of days. Had the start of another of our local art shows. For this one we get to bring one piece that is framed and ready to hang and up to five smaller unframed pieces that we can put a lower price on. Those unframed matted pieces go into what we call the "bin".
All the "summer residents" and vacationers who come here each year to bask by the ocean just love to grab some deals on local work in that bin.
The opening last night was lovely. Had a chance to catch up with some folks I hadn't seen in quite some time. The show runs though till Aug. 3rd.
I've volunteered to babysit the show two days next week. I don't mind....it gives me time to look at all the art a bit closer. I may bring more paintings with me when I go, since I sold three from the bin last night....so we get to replace them with more as they sell.

Today I had a loooooong day of cooking. I made calzone, chourico & peppers, sesame noodles, brownies, etc. I've also got a number of things to do on the grill as well.I've got a family party happening at my house tomorrow.
I don't see all that much of the folks from my side of the family. I do however have an aunt and uncle that I'm rather fond of and they have 8 children. These were my favorite cousins growing up. Of course they are all a bunch of old farts like myself these days and have familes of their own. Seems we're going to manage to get most of them here tomorrow. My aunt had been asking me for ages about having a family picnic type outting at my house ever since the first time she'd been here. My uncle just loves the area.
So my husband spent the day getting things ready outside by cleaning the pool, cutting the grass, putting up the badminton net, getting the kayaks ready....etc.
I think we're finally ready.
Well....off to bed. I'm soooo tired.
Looking forward to a day of fun tomorrow.

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roc said...

hope you have a blast with your family!