Jul 5, 2008

A day of Independence

4th of July
Busy busy day. This day starts off with the little local "farmer" type parade....you know the kind. The fire dept, police dept, local garage, the local farmer, the neighborhood market....all create floats of some sort and become a parade. My husband and daughter and I actually did it one year. We created a float to promote the local art group. Even got a couple of the artist to take part.
During this parade the folks driving the "floats" throw candy at the crowd and sometimes shoots water guns. More than enough excitement to start your morning...lol

After the parade the family gets together for what we call in-law-day!
This is the day that celebrates multiple birthdays that happen to take place all in the month of June, but since we don't gather for all of them...this is the weekend it's done. Mine happens to be one of them!!! Yay.

This takes place at the family house on the river. The view doesn't get any better!
The "in-law" part of this day if the fact that it's my birthday, my brother-in-laws birthday as well as the wife of my husbands uncle. So you see, we're all "in-laws" as seen by his family. Works for me. Great reason for a party!

Later, we joined some friends on a boat for a trip out to where we could watch the fireworks. The weather looked pretty marginal but the rain managed to hold off.
Every year we go off to watch the fireworks by boat. Loads of food and drinks aboard and lots of fun people. The veiw for the fireworks display is amazing by water.

Underway............ boat parlor........ FIREWORKS!!

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