Jul 3, 2008

Learning curves!

Well....this blog is certainly a learning curve.

I don't know how many times I've started this post, only to have to delete it because I didn't know how to make changes...lol
Goodness....pics land in here any which way and type goes all over the place!!!

Oh well....all in good time I'm sure.

Been waaay too busy lately. Trying very hard to get my Christmas in July sale in my Etsy shop, http://www.wedesigns.etsy.com/ up and running.
I've only had the shop since April....so it takes a lot of time to get noticed and have those sales start coming in. The sale sounded like a good way to do that!

Here are a few (if I figure out how do do this right) pics of some of the things I've made for this event.

Wooohooo...yes! Got the pic...lol
This is my "swirl" pendant made from numerous colors of polymer clay.
I've made a collection of these in different colors which are available in the shop, but this one, with its red colors, seemed perfect for the Christmas in July sale!

This one is my "Sea Glass" pendant.
Love sea glass. This one is a lovely frosted white piece.
A simple piece of elegant jewelry.
My design was inspired by an exhibit I went to of wearable art by Alexander Calder.

These are some blank holiday notecards I created yesterday! They are my "Zettie Santa".
Bright and colorful and oh so funky!
I'm never really crazy over the old traditional cards.
Love to send something that gets a giggle!

Right now I'm working on a reindeer "zettie" style card to go along with the santa. I think it's coming out really cute.
For those cards I do the b&w line work by hand and then scan that into my computer. From there I use my Wacom to digitally paint the colors.
My husband gave me the Wacom last year....so I'd better get busy making some good use of it...lol

Well.....off to get a few things done around here. Gotta go off to the store. Have a big birthday/Forth of July party to go to tomorrow.
Two of the gifts will be my sea glass pendents....but I do have one other gift, a male, that will be getting a good bottle of gin. I'm sure there won't be any returns happening with that one...lol
After I've got things ready for tomorrow, and do a bit more job hunting, I'm going to try to get more work done on the reindeer cards.
I'll try to get a pic of them for next time.
Happy July 4th to all!!


Patrizia said...

Those are pretty pendants.

I know blogger has a learning curve I am still on it! HAHA

Have fun at your party

AngelaMichelle said...

Came across your blog through Etsy. I just started mine as well - I think it's even more of a baby than yours! It looks great so far - I like the black color & the contrast of the photos against it.