Jul 20, 2008

Had some quiet time

here at home this weekend. Took advantage and did some drawing for an atc draw-a-thon. Got four done.....

two pen & ink
and the lilly done in colored pencil and the tropical boat house done in marker.

I also broke out some of my new beading books and
taught myself a new beadweaving stitch.
I made these green glass bead earrings using some of my
favorite square green beads. They've got little garnet bead
I think they came out pretty nice for a first time. I've added them to my Etsy shop. I'm gonna try a few more variations on them.
I've also got another stitch in the works but haven't gotten it quite down yet. I think it'll be beautiful once I've figured it all out.

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roc said...

you had a great weekend! atc's. hmmm i haven't done one of those in awhile. you did a great job!