Jun 16, 2016

A new twist

Happy Summer.
Seems it has finally arrived. Warm temps and flowers in bloom everywhere.
Luckily we had a mild winter...so the beautiful plants I placed in the new gardens last year had a great chance to thrive and make it back to spring easily. I'll not have to worry about them come this winter now.
As all things here have settled down and the creative little muse finally found her way back to me (it had been a long journey) I found myself in a bit of a playful mood with my current piece.
Yes...again, a "sea" theme....but with a twist. A whole new "dimension" you might say!
A fish...yes....but it's swimming "off " the canvas.
This was such fun to work on and such a playful way to come back after some very dark time here.
Made me smile the whole time I worked on it.
Not saying I'll do very many of these....but don't be surprised if you see a bit of "off the canvas" Torn Paper Painting every now and then :)

May 31, 2016

Shine on...

Sorry....I know I haven't posted for a month now.
You may remember the story of my SIL Amy who was (yes, "was") struggling with cancer.
I'm sorry to say that she lost that battle mid month.

What I would like to say is that she displayed strength and grace throughout the whole process. This strong woman worked as long as she could as the church pastor in Edgartown....staying there long enough to make sure that all ends were tied up and everyone on the right track.
Her final sermon (here) was something I know I'll never forget.

By the time she got on the ferry and returned here to her family, we didn't know it, but she only had about a week left.
During this time, even as she grew weaker, she made the time to see as many family & friends as she could, knowing that they had been waiting for her return.
I am happy to say that during this time she was always surround by her family and all the love we could give.
In her final days, we, as the closest family, would stay at my MIL's home where she was and sit with her throughout.

We've now moved on....or are still trying very hard...to continue with  where we were. Some days it's hard to remember exactly where that was. Every time a beloved family member leaves us it changes everything. Your mind seems to be in a million different places all at once...and then nowhere at all.
Many times a day, things that never would have triggered a special thought before, now have an all too emotional twist to them.

I am now trying....not very well it seems....to find my muse and continue on with my art. Seems it's more difficult than I thought. While I know that in time I will get there....I thought that maybe, if I just wrote a few words here, it would help to focus again.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding. Many of you out there have reached out in one way or another. Again..."thank you".
Hug someone you love!!
Shine on, Amy!!!

Apr 29, 2016

Creative Collaboration

A lovely collaboration between an artist in New England in the US...and a guitarist from Tasmania in Australia.
A perfect example of the beauty of the internet and how it brings people together from all over the world.
I had spoken at an earlier time of how I was contacted via email by a gentleman in Tasmania who happened to see the image of my "Calypso" seahorse Torn Paper Paintings.
He explained that he was writing music and it was titled "Seahorse Bells", and wanted permission to use this image for the digital cover. You can sample this music HERE!
I was delighted to take part in this and so very pleased that this solo acoustic guitarist, Alan Gogoll, was kind and honest enough to ask for my permission.
We've been in contact ever since.
Recently Alan asked if he could use this image further....to use the colors from the seahorse as the background colors in his logo, which would then go onto T-shirts.  Great idea.
Well...just the other day I received a box in the mail from Australia!!
Inside this box was a fabulous black T-shirt with the colorful logo...as well as a great collection of his CD's and assorted cards and goodies!!!  What a fun bit of mail to receive.
I totally enjoyed pulling out each and every item. Since then I've had soo much delightful music playing...sampling all the CD's.
Alan....thank you for your generous gift, of goodies & friendship. I wish you soo much luck in the future with your music.

Apr 6, 2016


Yep....they say it's spring.......not so sure I'd agree right now.
Luckily this latest covering is starting to melt away...and I have managed to return the car to the garage after it not being able to get out of the driveway.

Yes...it's April and spring is indeed getting here. Just not quickly.

I'm taking the positive approach and getting my spring/summer Torn Paper Paintings ready to take to the Little Beach Gallery soon to freshen up their walls for the upcoming season!!

In that collection of brand new pieces is Otto!!
I just love this guy. For some reason, he makes me smile every time I look at him!! I hope he does the same for some lucky shopper this summer. Something tells me...there will be more of these adorable critters coming up!

Those who have been following along will also know that every month I've been making prayer flags...one for me and one to send to my SIL. Well...the March one is done. The theme...gratitude.
I'm happy for the time that I spend making each of these. They always make me stop and reflect as I move forward with each theme. As for "gratitude"....every day I feel I have plenty to be grateful for.

Mar 10, 2016

Once again....Reverse stamping - a Gelli trick

This little posting gets an amazing amount of traffic.
In over a year and a half...it still get more visits than any other posting I've done.
For that reason....I'm reposting it for those who have not found this one yet.
It's a great little Gelli trick and well worth sharing. Enjoy!!!

Have you ever wished that the image on one of your rubber stamps faced the "other" direction??
Or...maybe you wanted the images to face each other!!
Yeah...we all have from time to time.
Well....I've got another little "Gelli Plate" trick to do just that....reverse stamping.

roll paint then stamp
I do it using acrylic paint because that's what I like....and when I want the images to be used in my Torn Paper Paintings....acrylic works best with the gel medium.

First...if you're using the image in it's "intended" position....using a brayer, roll on a layer of paint and stamp the image normally.
Here, I'm stamping on one of my Gelli printed envelopes.

Click for larger pic

Then...for reversing the image....roll the acrylic paint on again...only this time, carefully stamp the image onto the Gelli Plate. I love using my 3"x5" for this. You see the image on the gelli as you would if you'd stamped it on paper....but, once you "flip" the Gelli to use as a stamp....the image is automatically reversed!
Voila......one stamp....two images!!!