Jan 18, 2017

It's time

Just a quick note.
Starting to catch up on my time at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Vegas this month.
Didn't really have an opportunity to do it during the show, so updates will keep happening on my other blog, The Official Consumer.
Just posted about the setting up of the show, but much more will be coming on the robots, VR, augmented reality, and more. Check it out, and yes, there will be plenty of pics!

Dec 15, 2016

Inspiration travels the miles!

Having been an art teacher at one time, I love when I receive letters from young people who are inspired by what they see in my work.
Most artists hope that what they do sparks something in others. I have been fortunate enough to have this happen many times, and it always delights me.
Well, I recently received an email from the UK. This was from an art student working on a project, and her work was inspired by several artists, one of which was me and my Torn Paper Paintings!
I felt honored. It always seems soo surreal when you realise how small the world is. Along with this acknowledgement came a request for an "artist's statement", which I was happy to provide.
After several emails between us, I was sent some lovely pics to show what was being worked on.

The first is a pomegranate. It was painted with acrylic then collaged with tissue paper and newspaper. Stitching was added into it in the end.
Soo much lovely texture on this one!

(click the pic for larger image)

Next I received a pic of something that looked more than a bit familiar.
It was that of my "Balance" painting which had been published in the "Incite 3" book . Using that painting as the model it was re-created using the text in the background as I had and the cups and saucers on top were acrylic painted.
I think she did a wonderful job.

I've been told that there are several other pieces in the works. I hope to receive pics of those one day and maybe I can share them as well.
Thank you Ceri. 
Hope you find many forms of inspiration along your journey!

Dec 2, 2016

As winter comes...

I hate to see the beautiful flowers in my gardens meet their end as winter comes in.
Looking at them fade, I found that I simply had to do something to keep their beauty alive in some way.
Yes...why not create a Torn Paper Painting of them!! So I did.
I had created an earlier piece with daisies, so decided to create a smaller daisy painting with a bit of metallic gold additions. Love the effect.
The next one I did was an assortment of the remaining garden flowers.
I have a cobalt blue vase. It's round with little holes all around it to insert flowers into.
I now have a lasting memory of the last blooms of the season.

Oct 12, 2016

Fading summer

It takes sooo long to get here that we try to hang onto every minute.
Yes...it's Oct....but here in New England we're just not ready to let go. Every morning I stroll through the flower gardens and take note of which ones are fading away. When I happen upon a nice sunny patch....I stand there taking in the warmth it still has to offer much the way my kitty still looks for that sunny patch coming in through the windows.
I'm taking one last swing at trying to hit a home run with the weather by spending a long "girls weekend" with some friends at the river house.
The tiny main house has a propane fireplace that is good for a bit of off & on warming of the place. The outdoor bedroom cabins have no heat....or insulation for that matter. For a bunch of 60ish gals....I give us points for still doing this. We'll have to see how many more years we've got though before our weekends wait for warmer temps...lol
I do plan to bring some of my Torn Paper Paintings supplies.....and maybe...as the temps. drop.....accept that fact that the seasons have changed, and start working on some ornaments too!!

Sep 30, 2016

Sept....umm...almost Oct

Wow....is it really the last day of Sept already???
Where in the world did it go? Geesh....getting at least one post in here this month just under the wire.

While I may have been absent from my blog....I was certainly busy working on more Torn Paper Paintings. During the month I created Coffee Time & Tea Time as well as Daisies. Two more new ones are in the works as we speak.

With the feel of autumn in the air now I'm sure the work will take on the new season soon.

The latest happening for this month has been the opportunity to see a friend that lives far from me and I haven't see in years. My lovely friend Terri and her husband Jim were vacationing in this area. I was lucky enough to be able to go off and meet them for the afternoon. Such a joy.
We started out our visit by meeting at The Little Beach gallery in Hyannis!!
How lovely to be able to have my art and my friend in the same place that has been so great for my creative journey all this time.
A memorable day and a great way to wrap up the month.
Looking forward to what wonderful things the new month will bring.