Aug 29, 2016

A Tale of Two Lighthouses

Time to show you the results of an experiment that I conducted with another artist friend of mine, Grace Stevens, who works in watercolor.
Grace had taken a lovely photo of a lighthouse on one of her boating trips and since we both thought it to be a great subject...we decided to paint from the same reference photo, but in our different mediums.  Her with watercolor...and me with torn paper!!
While we were going a bit out of our comfort zone with some of these textures....we both felt our results would be terrific as separate paintings....but the fun part would be to see how differently each of us might interpreted the subject.
(side by side pic is at the bottom of the post - you can also click images to enlarge)

Grace's watercolor is yet another one of her beautiful delicate pieces. Smooth and calm. The lovely textures of the rocks and the foliage convey a peaceful environment.

My torn paper painting of the same subject....well...I must say the word "colorful" comes to
The approach to texture with the use of paper creates a whole other feel in the very same location.

With the watercolor you create a more fluid movement.
With the paper...the textures and patterns almost decide for themselves which direction they will take.

I really enjoyed this experiment.
It's interesting to see how different artists "see" the very same image and how they interpret that.
To see this done with two very different mediums as that's a real bonus. Such fun to see the outcome.
I know I plan to do this again....and I think Grace is already looking forward to the next one as well.

So go ahead....get inspired...and do something like this with an artist friend of yours too!

Aug 20, 2016


Well...the earlier part of Aug. had me distracted with the fact that we found ourselves in need of new wheels. No....not a replacement for my Mini....but for the elderly Outback that my husband was driving.
This came as no shock to us since we already knew it was on its last leg....but it decided to retire even faster when it added brake issues to the many aliments it already suffered.
You can only keep them on life support for just so long.
Sooo....the hunt began.'s never a fun prospect, especially since we were looking for a good used one....not something right out of the showroom. No budget for that.
For the practical side....needed to have roof racks for carrying small boats, a trailer hitch for toting med. sized boats & trailer for yard waste, and of course drive well in the bad New England winters.
For the not-so-practical would of course have to "look" good. Hey...why not!!

During this process I was, as you'd expect, left housebound since my wheels were the only one's available.
Luckily it didn't take all that long.
And here she is, the "new to us" wheels. Yes...another outback...but this is a smaller "sport" model.
Great price, low mileage, and yes...super cute!!
It's a win-win....cause I've got my Mini back :)

Jul 23, 2016


Wow....always so hard to believe that time can pass so quickly.
Haven't been here in a while...and yet it seems like yesterday. Sorry to have been MIA.
Mid July....where in the world does the summer go? If you're anything like wait on the edge of your seat for the weather to warm up and gardens to start growing, then, before you know it, half of that warm weather has passed.
Well....let's keep enjoying what we've got while it's here. at the beach club....woohoo!!!
I haven't spent all my time laying in the
I've been working on upping my game....going bigger. The most recent...Triton.
A new whale tail that is 2 feet x 4 feet....a size challenge in many ways...including the physical space to work. It makes walking around in the art room a bit of a obstacle course.
He is done however....and has traveled off to the local art show. Won't see him hanging till I'll take a pic then.
Also since we last spoke, I have had to upgrade my tech devices. First off my camera extremely sad. Loved that chocolate colored camera! Well....had to research and replace that. beloved computer has been firing warning shots at me for quite some time now. After tons of research and waiting for the right deal....I have finally found my new one. The past two weeks have been a real learning curve on not only the new machines...but on Windows 10. Just getting into the comfort levels now.
Soo....I'm up and running and still putting out new Torn Paper Paintings. I just may be MIA a little more though since I have no intention of missing fun in the sun while the warm weather is still upon us.
Hope you all take time to enjoy the remains of the summer!!!

Jun 16, 2016

A new twist

Happy Summer.
Seems it has finally arrived. Warm temps and flowers in bloom everywhere.
Luckily we had a mild the beautiful plants I placed in the new gardens last year had a great chance to thrive and make it back to spring easily. I'll not have to worry about them come this winter now.
As all things here have settled down and the creative little muse finally found her way back to me (it had been a long journey) I found myself in a bit of a playful mood with my current piece.
Yes...again, a "sea" theme....but with a twist. A whole new "dimension" you might say!
A fish...yes....but it's swimming "off " the canvas.
This was such fun to work on and such a playful way to come back after some very dark time here.
Made me smile the whole time I worked on it.
Not saying I'll do very many of these....but don't be surprised if you see a bit of "off the canvas" Torn Paper Painting every now and then :)

May 31, 2016

Shine on...

Sorry....I know I haven't posted for a month now.
You may remember the story of my SIL Amy who was (yes, "was") struggling with cancer.
I'm sorry to say that she lost that battle mid month.

What I would like to say is that she displayed strength and grace throughout the whole process. This strong woman worked as long as she could as the church pastor in Edgartown....staying there long enough to make sure that all ends were tied up and everyone on the right track.
Her final sermon (here) was something I know I'll never forget.

By the time she got on the ferry and returned here to her family, we didn't know it, but she only had about a week left.
During this time, even as she grew weaker, she made the time to see as many family & friends as she could, knowing that they had been waiting for her return.
I am happy to say that during this time she was always surround by her family and all the love we could give.
In her final days, we, as the closest family, would stay at my MIL's home where she was and sit with her throughout.

We've now moved on....or are still trying very continue with  where we were. Some days it's hard to remember exactly where that was. Every time a beloved family member leaves us it changes everything. Your mind seems to be in a million different places all at once...and then nowhere at all.
Many times a day, things that never would have triggered a special thought before, now have an all too emotional twist to them.

I am now trying....not very well it find my muse and continue on with my art. Seems it's more difficult than I thought. While I know that in time I will get there....I thought that maybe, if I just wrote a few words here, it would help to focus again.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding. Many of you out there have reached out in one way or another. Again..."thank you".
Hug someone you love!!
Shine on, Amy!!!