Mar 8, 2018

Thinking Spring

Living on the coast of New England, we've just gone through our second nor'easter in a week.
Luckily, our little area got more in the way of buckets of rain rather than the many inches that other areas received.
Sump pumps everywhere working overtime and many locations have been without power for days now.
I consider us very lucky since our power never went out and we have a generator in the event that it did, so our sump pump would be able to keep going.
With all this, I'm still trying very hard to think "spring".
Some days it seems very far away, but with daylight savings time happening this weekend (spring ahead) I'm hopeful.
So, after watching numerous blue jays playing outside by the bird feeder, I decided I needed to do another Torn Paper Painting of one. This time I did one in flight.
Love the way it turned out.
Hope this painting helps others to keep "thinking spring".

Jan 30, 2018

a MAN first "merman"!
I've been interested in trying to make one for a while now since I've done so many lovely mermaids. I've discovered that the male version is a bit more difficult to do.
Being a female, I of course understand the form much better than the male. I wanted the merman to look strong and manly. However, as I soon discovered, just the very nature of the creature makes that rather difficult.
When you add the flowing tail to the male upper body, it had no choice but to soften the being.
Oh well, I can settle for now for a good looking "somewhat" strong male version and hope to learn more as I go.
Stay tuned for more to come I'm sure.
Oh yes...and if you have any ideas for some good male names for them, let me know.

Jan 14, 2018

New Year...another new beginning.

2018...where does the time go?

Once again I'm trying to look at it as a brand new start. Crossing fingers that it's a year of great new things in store.

Last year there were a few fun trips that happened.
In Jan. of last year, you may remember, I went with my daughter to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. She was working the show for her company and afterward, we spent a few extra days and enjoyed the town and visited the Grand Canyon. What a great time that was and so nice to have had that mother/daughter time together.
In May my husband & I spent a lovely extended weekend in Vermont, first visiting friends, then just time together. Fell in love with the sweet town of Chester.
Then in Nov. we I also got away for a short trip to New Orleans. What a blast that was, and one bonus was the chance to finally meet an art friend in person for the first time that I'd known "online" for years!! Such a fun city and always full of surprises!
This year....who knows were we'll go!!

As for art, I've certainly been busy with my Torn Paper Paintings. While the economy has seen better years for art sales, I've kept positive and continue on...making and marketing my art as best I can.
I'd certainly love to find an additional art gallery or two as well as maybe booking more workshops.
It would be a win/win to travel & do workshops in other locations since I enjoy both so much.
Hey, if you have (or know of) an art group or venue who sponsors visiting artists for me.
I'd be happy to see if we can arrange something.

I've also had the opportunity to create a whole new website this past year. Check it out...
Let me know what you think. It's a new format that much easier for me to keep up to date and change as I'd like. The previous one was much harder to use.

Well....being a brand new year along with being in the winter season right now, it's time to start working hard on those goals.
Time to get lots more art created, research galleries, and get more of the word out on workshops.

Being your own rep. makes it difficult sometimes to do it all...create & market...but we're on it!!!

Stay warm, and think of spring and new beginnings!!!

Nov 6, 2017


How does it happen soo quickly??
Seems the older I get the faster the year seems to go by. Here in New England our summer is something we wait patiently for, for what seems like forever. Once here, seems like it's the shortest season ever.
Thankfully, we've been given some mild weather so far, but soon to feel the chill. I understand that by the weekend....we're into high temps in the 40's....ouch. Guess it had to happen. By the time we hit Jan...40's will feel warm!
Well....I did just recently go off to The Little Beach Gallery and take new Torn Paper Paintings to jazz up the wall for the holiday season. Along with new paintings, I also brought along a new batch of ornaments.
Now....I feel ready for the next adventure.
It's only a four day trip....but looking forward to a fun time in New Orleans.
I have an art friend there who we plan to meet up with and see the town a bit through her eyes. She's also part of a co-op gallery there and I'm sure there's a bit of shopping gonna happen!!!
We've also booked a Sunday morning Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues. YES!!
No worries.....I'll be sure to take some pics and post them here.
I have no doubt there will be a bit of NOLA inspiration in my future work.
Stay tuned :)

Oct 3, 2017

A new season

Not only do I now have a new website (which I hope everyone has checked out) but it's a whole new season too.
Fall is in the air. You can feel the temps drop in the evening and a chill in the air in the morning.
Time to consider bringing in the plants that spend the summer outside.
I've also been busy working on torn paper paintings to be able to give a whole new look to the wall at The Little Beach Gallery.
This red & white Sea Buoy is one of them.
I had found a book about shipwrecks that had been type written and felt this was the perfect thing for the background that has the feel of a turbulent sea. The Gelli printed pages with the blue swirls gives it a bit of a Van Gogh appearance.

Another style I've been doing is a "Birds Eye" view.
This one is my second..."Birds Eye - Beach Road". Love the look and feel of these.
The other bonus, you can hang it in any direction...vertical or horizontal.
So, it can work in almost any spot you have open for a painting.

So, with fall in the air, a new season of work is being created. Lots of time in the studio, but it feels good to have my muse working overtime.
At the same time, I'm also planning a nice extended weekend trip with my husband to New Orleans.
Yes....a short Thurs. to Mon. trip. I think it'll be a lovely break for both of us. A chance to kick back and have some fun. I also have an art friend who lives there and can't wait to get together with her as well.
The's in Nov. So, living here in New England, I know for certain that we'll also have a bit of warmer weather there too!!