Sep 12, 2014

More Gelli Love

Yep....gotta love the Gelli Arts people.
As I mentioned in my last posting...I incorporate the use of the Gelli plate in the painting of some of my rice papers for my Torn Paper Paintings, and I also pull prints onto white envelopes.
Well....not only did the fine folks at Gelli Arts do a posting about my fun printed envelopes....but they also did a large posting of my actual artwork!!!

It is sooo awesome to have your work recognized in such a great way. The exposure was amazing. In 24hrs I actually gained over 50 new fans on my Torn Paper Paintings facebook fan page!!!
Thank you and "welcome" to all those new fans!!
I am very fortunate to do what I love and find so many others who love what I do.

Sep 3, 2014

Gelli day bonus!

As a rule...when the weather is beautiful...I like to take all my painting supplies and make a huge colorful mess outside.
For creating my Torn Paper Paintings, I need to keep a full supply of papers painted up in many colors and designs to be used for when I start each painting. A good ongoing supply is important so that I don't always have to make more at the last minute....and living in New England...painting outdoors isn't possible year round.
Today was one of those awesome painting days.
My favorite papers to turn into colorful collections are my rice papers and old book & music pages.
Along with my watercolor and acrylic other favorite tool is my Gelli Plate!!  I have two my larger one goes outside with me!
(click on the pics to see them larger)
After many hours of a fun filled afternoon I not only had a lovely collection of new papers to work with....but a nice new collection of colorful envelopes as well!!
You see....the second pull on a plate is generally called the "ghost", rather than make those pulls on another paper....I used white envelopes....a bonus!!
Now I'm looking forward to sending out some beautiful mail !!!

Aug 29, 2014

Already?? it the end of Aug already???
I'm amazed at how quickly the summer has flown by. I'm sure some of it had to do with the extremely long cold winter that we had here in New England. Seemed as if spring was never going to come.
Now....we're headed into Labor Day this weekend!!! Yikes! I can only cross my fingers for a long mild fall season to enjoy! Crisp temps and beautiful autumn colors!
It has been a fun and busy month. Had our family fun evening at a PawSox game. Mark & I also went to Sag Harbor.
Also been very busy with Torn Paper Paintings.
Finished another Whale Tail. They seem to be quite a popular subject. Two of them already sold from The Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis as well as another that is in one of the locations of the Boston Children's Hospital now. Not always easy to change up a subject like that....but this one is a bit different in movement.
Also paid a visit to our friends in Maine and while we were there I popped in to visit the Centre St Arts Gallery in Bath where I'll be conducting a two day workshop in Oct.

The space was lovely and the people delightful. I'm sure we'll have a great time.
If you're interested in the is give the gallery a call (207-442-0300) and book your spot ASAP!!
Hope to see you there during what I hope will be a couple of outstanding fall days in Maine!

Aug 6, 2014

Behind the Scenes

I recently created a special piece of art as a donation to the National Marine Life Center in Buzzard's Bay.
Much of the funding for the center comes from donations and fund raising events. Their biggest annual event is the Mermaids Ball. This is the one I created the special art it's a mermaid of course!!
As a special treat for the donation, my husband & I were given a little "behind the scenes" tour of the facility by Kate Shaffer, the animal tech. We were able to go into the "hospital" section where the rehab is done and meet some of the patients in person!
Some of the wonderful critters were a bit difficult to take a "still" photo of as you might imagine. So, I decided to take a few quick videos!!
Here are videos of the seals...this is Mary Arnold and these two fellows are Barclay & Belmont.
The loggerhead turtle who's name is Tide was sooo beautiful. If you click on the "green" text, it will take you to the videos. Keep in mind...these are not movie quality by any means...but will give you a feel for these beautiful creatures and what we were so lucky to have seen.
This facility has great plans and the hospital section is still undergoing construction of bigger & better things in order to care for larger creatures such as dolphins & pilot whales.
If you like the idea and would like to help them in their efforts...there are numerous ways you can do this.
Kate...thank you for the tour and all the information. We appreciate all the good work being done!

Jul 21, 2014


Having had my feelings over the last few days go running around rampant...I find myself sitting here trying to piece it all together....if for no other reason than to simply "get on with it".
When my emotions are at odds I find I can dwell for ages on them.

I've been finding myself feeling badly about an art sale. Silly, right? Why feel badly because you actually sold a piece of art?

Well...I was doing alright before that. I had been working through the weekend as a "guest artist" in a small rural gallery during the weekend. It was a busy "open studios" weekend which, while it brought more people into the gallery, most folks were actually running around to artists studios. Understood.
That was alright by me.
I'd wished it had been busier and maybe made more sales....but I was ok.
I'd made some sales, although small, and made numerous connections for new workshop students and possible new workshop proposals. All in all....I felt good about the outcome.

Sooo....why would a sale of a piece of art at the end of a show make me feel badly?
First of all....because it was to a friend. This nice couple we're good friends with came in toward the end and the husband turned around and made the final purchase of the day. These are people I've actually "given" three piece for some reason it felt wrong for him to buy this.

That's when it hit.
I started loosing my confidence and feeling insecure and began telling myself he was only buying it to make me feel better about not having made big sales over the weekend.
That he felt badly for me and thought I was disappointed in the show and he wanted to make me feel better.
I actually got upset with him and didn't want him to make the purchase...but he continued on and...and I was visibly upset. 
I didn't want someone to feel bad for me. I had been ok. I figured he could only be doing this out of feeling badly....never because he actually wanted it!!!

As it turns out....maybe he did.
He had purchased one of my birds...a cardinal. Seems the cardinal is the state bird of his home state. Then, as my husband made mention...the sighting of a cardinal in your yard is believed to be that of a loved one visiting. Well...this mans parents passed away not that long ago....and they had both still been living in this home state.
Hearing this almost made me glad that he had this piece.

Sooo....why had this made me so upset?
Well....let's just say that an artist may always be an insecure fragile being. I had still been trying to recover from the confidence beating I took by being rejected, once again, from a local juried show that for some reason I felt I needed the approval of.
Then, going to the opening of that show and seeing the works that "they" felt were the acceptable art...could do nothing but make this feeling worse. If you'd seen the'd understand.
We go around seeking the approval of individuals who really mean nothing to us and hold no weight at all on our futures.....but we let them break us down and make us doubt what we do and how good we are at it. the time my friend had decided on that painting, I'd already spent days trying to recover my ego from the first hit.
I had now just accepted the less then stellar sales of the weekend and simply appreciated the connections I'd made.
But....I guess my emotions were still a bit raw when this purchase happened....and I ended up taking it as gesture of sympathy for me rather than a compliment to my work.
I do regret that and wish I could have felt better about it.
Emotions are a strange thing and we often have no control over them and don't always even realize right away where they're coming from.
Yes...I know I'll recover from these last few days. I'm also aware of some things I do and don't want to put myself through in the future.
I'm not saying it won't happen again....I'm actually quite sure it will. I only hope to handle it better each time and hope to learn from it.
Things have been going really well for me...and I need to remember that and continue moving forward.