Jul 29, 2015

A Very Small World

Yes....it always amazes me at how small the world really is...and even more so with the invention of the internet.

This realization became even more clear this past week. Can you imagine...waking up in the morning in New England, and having email from a lovely person in Tanzania! I know...this shouldn't be so surprising in this day and age....but it still tickles me!
The even better part...hearing from this nice person, Lynn, that she discovered my Torn Paper Paintings work online and it has become an inspiration to her. Wow...now that's hard to beat!

Lynn's collage
Lynn happened to see my "Golden Bucket" which was a project I had done for one of Cloth Paper Scissors Emags. Being inspired by this and using only magazine pages, she then created her own version which she sent me this pic of.  Beautiful job!
We have since been in touch each day and have exchanged information about ourselves and our art and I've been able to answer more of her questions with regard to the technique to help her on her journey in this process.

As other artists know, when we do our art we work mostly in isolation. It's just the nature of things. We go about our art journey hoping that there are others out there we can reach and who will enjoy what it is we do...but seldom do we get the chance to connect with them.
To have another artist reach out from across the planet to comment on what we are doing and to share their interest is a very special thing.
I have truly enjoyed this unexpected connection and as an artist...couldn't ask for more than to hear that I have inspired someone else in their creativity.

In her own words... "Please do feel free to use these pictures to show others what your wonderful and very kind words inspired! This was really a great way to start a new art - not reinventing the wheel, but using your experience to create something I can be quite pleased with for a first attempt. Thank you again."

Lynn...thank you for taking the time to say hello!!

Jul 15, 2015

Got away again!!!

Time....yep. That's what keeps getting away from me.
Hard to believe that it's been a month since I last posted here....very sorry for that.
Guess it's hard to blame me though after the fierce winter we endured and now I've not only got lots of warmth and sunshine, but new gardens and beautiful deck as well.
Hey....a girls gotta get her vitamin D while she can....lol

I have been busy working as well though. Several more lovely Torn Paper Paintings done and I am also hanging in yet another new location....in Tiverton, RI. The Barksfield Shop. In this location I am a bit more free with displaying a wider range of subjects.
While The Little Beach Gallery is partial to coastal themes....and I can certainly understand that....I now have a new home for some of the subjects that I like to create in between the others.
There will also be new things coming up soon....new "products"....made from my Torn Paper Paintings.
I decided that, since everyone on the planet can create a shop of their very own products now that we live in the world of the internet....I may as well do the same!!
It is not open for business just yet....but soon. It's a long time consuming project since I really want to be picky and not just pop my images on everything and anything they fit on. No. I want to be very selective about what I put out there. I want only quality products and images that work well with them. I've even ordered quite a few of the items in advance so I can do a good quality check on them.

Here's a quick peek.

I'll continue to pursue this and hope to have everything up and available in plenty of time for holiday shopping....hint :)
Till then....hope everyone is joining me in that vitamin D!!!

Jun 15, 2015

Opps...YES, it's done

In my excitement and the fact that I may have been distracted by it....yes....the new deck is done!!!
It finished up just this past Thursday....so I didn't really forget about showing you for tooo long..lol
It's just amazing. Even better than I could have hoped.
Since the weather was simply beautiful, we were able to enjoy it right away. We even went right out and bought a beautiful outdoor dining set to help furnish it just right!! Love it.

Also had a crafty moment and did a little DIY with creating some table lighting. Easy...lovely empty wine bottles and an inexpensive solar path light tucked into the top!! They look awesome at night!

Yes...I hope for many happy times to happen on this deck.
But....today it is pouring rain....sooo....will spend it in the artroom!!

May 27, 2015

It's happening!!

All that wood you saw in my last post (yes...it's been awhile).....well, it's finally turning into a deck!!!
This has been a project soooo long in the works. I honestly can't believe that the end result is within sight.
The first part...the removal of the big inground pool was something that took a couple of years to finally track down the right person to do the job...and to do it with a little creative style. Didn't think that was too much to ask...but...oh well.  It finally happened last fall.
And...because we were on the ball right away last fall....we lined up just the right person to build the big new deck. After a few interviews, this terrific man, George, became the right choice.
Of course, because it was the fall....we had to wait until mid spring to actually see the start.
Thank goodness we lined him up when we did....he's been in high demand lately.
The beautiful deck began only a week ago, but I can already see the results. The crew is terrific and work together soo extremely well.
The deck is in two levels...one 12'x12' and then a step down to the 18'x30' level. After only five days of work, the entire framework is done and the smaller deck area is all done.
Right now we're into the slower more detailed work since I want special cable railings to take advantage of the water views. No problem. Don't want to rush perfection!
Until then....I'll just enjoy my evening glass of wine on the small level and dream of the soon-to-be-finished backyard project!

May 2, 2015

Next project....

Since the backyard no longer has the pool....the next, and hopefully final project, is to have a nice big deck built.
We've got the contractor, the contract is signed, and the wood just arrived at 6:30 this morning!!! Yes...a bit early....but I'm thrilled it's here.
The contractor has gotten the drawing done and submitted everything for the permit. Hopefully, within a week or so, we'll start to see something happen.
I've got my fingers crossed that we end up with the project done with plenty of time to enjoy a good part of the summer with it.
I've been having coffee on the deck in the morning...in my head...for a while now!!
Can't wait to see how it feels for real :)