Aug 24, 2008

Postcard Challenge

Well......although I don't really look at myself as really being very good at collage...I decided to take part in the weekly challenge at Mail Art World. I figured that if nothing else, it would give me a reason for more practice.
Once a week a sheet of images is emailed to everyone and you have to use at least half of the images in your postcard....more if possible.
I didn't feel brave enough to give it a shot the first week, but by this week, the second round, I went for it. This is my end result. I used at least a piece of every image except for one!! Yay for me. I actually think this came out pretty well. Makes me feel like there's hope for me and collage yet!


Sir Pumpkin said...

Deliciously wicked - great fun.

roc said...

you should be proud of yourself! you did a wonderful job on it!!

jennalee said...

Wanda- this is great. You are a natural collagist.