Aug 18, 2008

Digital pics

can sometimes take forever to find their way from your camera. Well...only took a bit over a week to get to these. Wanted to share some of my shots from the Maine weekend. The shots above are from the auction on the grounds of the museum. As you can see, once again there was a great crowd. The shot in the center shows that paintings were there at the silent auction.!
The shot to the right is of a portion of the crowd that was sitting and waiting for the live auction to begin for all the large high priced item that were donated.

I did for a walk through the museum the next day. Luckily they actually let you take pics of most of the inside. To the left is the quilt room. Just amazing pieces to look at...all the detail.
The center is the stairway from the upper level. I just love the way things look when looking down from an awesome stairway.
The shot to the right is of a lovely stained glass piece that the light was just pouring through.

In this piece to the left (and details in the center pic) is a dress form that was just so wonderful to look at. It was all done with clusters of seashells. I know of a friend that has customized a vintage dress form that will love seeing these shots!

The final photo to the right is simply an awesome oil painting that brought back childhood memories. The glasses in this one with the little metal rack are exactly the same as some that I used as a child. I'm such a fan of vintage/retro. Don't you sometimes wish you'd kept everything you'd grown up with??? Oh yes, to give credit to this artist, her name is Janet Fish and the piece is called "Fruit Juice Glasses".


roc said...

love your photos! love that oil painting!

barefootchef said...

I just had the best time looking through the pics. The dress form is just to die for! How much fun is that? Maybe I should start collecting them...LOL

The last photo of the painting is just delightful because of the memories. Would you believe I have a collection of glasses I have purchased over the years because that is what we had when I was growing up? Yes, very fond memories!