Aug 6, 2008

Missing Muse

Very sad news today about a friend has made my muse run and hide.
I was planning on a fun and uplifting post for today...but somehow that just won't come. It shall wait for another day!
I will at least have to get myself ready for a long weekend trip to Maine. We leave in the morning for Rockland, Maine because my husband will be working the boat show.
I go with him most years and take one day, this year it is Saturday, to paint with the Farnsworth Museum. They hold a "paint the town" event which is open to area artist. You paint for the day and donate it to the museum. At the end of the day there is a cocktail party and auction on the museum lawn. Proceeds go to the museum for whatever needs doing that year.
By Saturday my muse will be back! I already see her hiding in the corner!!

1 comment:

roc said... was indeed sad news we learned. i hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your paint the town day! i will look forward to hearing about it when you get back!