Aug 14, 2008

More postcards

Since I do seem to be surrounded by fellow artists who create these little pieces at an amazing's a real task trying to keep up!
The fun part however is the fact that it's another way for me to experiment. I've been able to play a lot more and experiment with different methods.
The postcard to the left has a watercolor background. The background was made with really juicy washes and then plastic wrap placed on that and left to dry. A little bit of thirsty brush was used after that. Next I use some awesome clear stamps for the flower petals. Love these clear stamps. Ever so much easier to see where you're putting things! After the petals were stamped I used ink to finish the design and glittery gel pens to add a finishing touch that really looks wonderful in me!
The postcard in the center was done mostly the same way with the exception of adding salt to the watercolor before the plastic wrap and no thirsty brush at the end.
The postcard to the right was a new process for me. I glued a vintage book page to cardstock and when dry, drew the tree in ink. The color was added with acrylic paint. I stamped the bird onto black paper, then cut that out and attached it to the tree. The text is a lovely sticker I had.
I may learn collage yet!!!


roc said...

you are doing a fantastic job with your collage postcards! i love what you are creating. and it tickles me pink to see you are using stamps! yeah!!!

Kylie B said...

Oh wow fantastic postcards!