Jul 29, 2010


As with all things, there is a natural progression and evolution.
This is now true with my art pieces as well. I have been doing my torn paper art on a heavy 200lb watercolor paper and then framing them under glass with spacers between the art and the glass. A very time consuming process to say the least.

I have wanted to experiment a bit more to find a process I liked that would allow for less framing time and more art time.

I may have it. Stretched canvas.
I've just tried my first experiment with this and I like the effect. This beachscape is on a stretched canvas. With the protective coat of varnish over the work it is able to skip the framing.

I quite like the less formal look of this and the more casual "beach cottage" feel.
Onward....more experiments to come!


Astrid Maclean said...

Wanda, this is stunning, you are so talented! I enlarged it and I just love the textures and everything!

Terri Kahrs said...

I love it too, Wanda! Your lovely papers have translated to canvas well; and your absolutely right - it does have a wonderful, casual feel sans frames! Good for YOU! Now go make more art!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Susan said...

Nice piece. I have to agree with you about doing torn paper art on canvas. Since I started this technique, I have been doing my pieces on canvas. I love that I can cover the edges with my torn paper and it is ready to hang once done, after the screw eyes and wire are put on.

I myself is still dipping my toes into this technique, to find my ownself. Maybe I just need to dive in. I have done a few pieces now on canvas.

WW said...

Thanks for the lovely comments.
Susan....I would have enjoyed seeing your work, but couldn't see any blog for you. Do you have one?
My works on paper were never ones that I minded showing the rough edges of...in fact I think it worked with the textures in the pieces, so when I framed them I would "float" them on the mat rather than behind an opening. It's now taking a bit of getting used to the smoother edge with the canvas.