Aug 3, 2010

A Little Zen

As with anything you do all the time, you need to take a momentary break from the daily routine. Same is true with my daily work on my torn paper paintings.
With a new batch of trades coming up for the month on my online trading group, I took the time to create this months bookmark theme....zentangles.

It is such an enjoyable and "zen" like process. No, I've not taken their classes or bought the kit or any such thing. Honestly, it is really more of an organized elaborate doodle.

I must give them credit for giving a name to something many of us have been doing since childhood and getting it out there for others to enjoy.

Give it a try....the results are sometimes surprising!


The Dreaming Bear said...

I love Zentangles! You are's so meditative and relaxing. And how clever of someone to give it a name and market it. Ha!

Jeremy -- said...

I love the elegant funkiness of your blog! I'm following you, could you return the favour? :)



Terri Kahrs said...

Fabulous, Wanda! I love Zentangles - Yours is so intricate and amazing! Hugs, Terri

sharon said...

This is S T U N N I N G Wanda!!!!

WW said...

Thanks....these are nice mindless fun to do.
Jeremy...thank you for the for following blogs... I do not have a "follow" link on mine and I do not follow any others.
There's just something about the "follower" term I don't