Jul 6, 2010

Unexpected visitor

Well....it's amazing what you'll see happen at an impromptu pool party where temps crack 100.
With a big pool in the backyard and visiting relatives around on such a hot day...we had the crowd spend the afternoon here to visit and keep cool.

Suddenly...the sound of ice-cream truck music could be heard and one of the kids bolted up the driveway to catch it. Well.....catch it she did..lol

The driver knows a good thing when she sees it and decided to come right on down the driveway and make those goodies available and tempting to the whole crowd...which she had no trouble doing by the way.

Only trouble she had was a little in the "backing up" part. Curves in the long driveway make that a little bit of a challenge. Had to do a little video of that part of it. Certainly made for some entertainment and now all the kids think we're a regular stop for the ice-cream truck...lol

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Terri Kahrs said...

The video is too funny! Maybe it was more difficult to back up because of the empty freezer!!! Enjoy the pool again today!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo