Sep 22, 2013

Rolling along many ways, things are rolling along right now.
I've been a busy bee all summer season with art...for shows, the gallery, collections, as well as workshops (two more to go)....not to mention that my daughters wedding is next week!!!

Soo...with my husband away this weekend at a boat show and some free time to actually play in the artroom a bit....I tried out a process for making some rolling stamps. Yes...kind of a "rubber stamp"...but you can roll it. I read an article in a Cloth Paper Scissors project ebook and just had to give it a spin :)
I cut patterns out of fun foam...but I actually bought fun foam that had an adhesive backing on it already. After cutting my patterns out...I realized I could save them and then attach them to another roll to create both a positive & a negative stamp. Nice.
I used the pipe insulation as the base for the rolling stamp. Yes...I realize you can cut the insulation itself to crate a stamp...but the cutting isn't as easy...and I didn't have any cardboard tubing available at the moment to the insulation was a perfect fit....and the adhesive backing on the foam holds nicely to it.
In this pic you can see two different rollers I made with two different images....and the third one is the one I made using the cut out pieces from the others.
These will come in very handy when painting rice paper for my Torn Paper Paintings. I'm really enjoying all the experimentations I've been doing lately.
Oh yes...and the pic of the seahorse I was experimenting with the background for is posted on the FaceBook Fanpage....go have a look!!!
Off to roll more backgrounds for a while....then back to rolling along with the wedding plans!!!
Pics from that will most likely be next :)

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