May 27, 2010

Smallmouth Grunt

Odd name...but cute fish.
Having created dozens of fish over the last few years, mostly koi and goldfish, I decided to break out some of my books on tropical fish to find a bit of inspiration for a new one.

This is not exact to the little grunt...but is most certainly based on him.
Some of the areas where there is a bit of iridescence in the paper, don't really show up so well in the pic...but you get the idea.

Nice to have another little fish join my vast group of swimmers!
Hopefully the warm summer beach months will inspire a few more.


Sarah said...

Aww adorable.. I kind of like his name too lol. As always, very lovely work! :)

roc said...

so beautiful!

sharon said...

This is really gorgeous Wanda...the colors really pop, and you always capture that movement!

The Dreaming Bear said...

He's really cute!!!