May 9, 2010

Adding another

another "gallery" that is!!

Yes, my trip to the Cape last week was quite worthwhile. I now am represented by a gallery in Hyannis.... The Little Beach Gallery. Their entire gallery is beach themed as you might imagine. Quite a nice fit I think, since I do sooo many beachscapes!
I can only hope that they do really well with the busy season just ahead.
Sadly, you'll see in the link that I haven't been added to the online list...yet...but it is coming I'm told.

I still have several other good places in the Cape to follow up maybe I'll get another. I do want to keep them with a good distance between, so even just one more further into the Cape would be good! I'll certainly keep you posted!!


sharon said...

Congrat's Wanda! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. You so deserve to be in galleries, your work is phenomenal!

roc said...

congratulations wanda! that is such exciting news. and you are is right up your alley with the whole beach scape thing. it couldn't be a better fit!

WW said...

Thanks gals for the lovely comments.
Yes...the fit is just right on this one!