Apr 1, 2010

A Paper Variation

I decided to do a little experiment on the usual torn paper painting.
I needed to create a small piece for this months "nature challenge" which is to be a 4"x6" sealife postcard.

Normally the background on the paper pieces are made up of many different pieces of paper the same way the subject of the piece is done. With this one, I decided to change it up a bit.

I'd been painting some rice paper with splashes of watercolors and salt treatments to be used at a later time as torn paper for my larger pieces.
The colors and effects came out soo beautifully and looked so much like water, I decided to simply use a full 4"x6" piece without tearing it for the background on this one and simply do the torn pieces for the fish.

I think the final piece is rather sweet.


sharon said...

Veeeery sweeet Wanda! It is beautifully soft and subtle....dreamy!

Nena's Art & Designs said...

Love your work! I am an art teacher and I also have a real estate license! Cool!