Mar 10, 2010

Koi...a new "direction"

I decided to give a try to changing the direction that I normally make my koi swim. Seems like a simple thing. After all, if someone wanted to buy would be nice if I had more than one direction, right?!
Well....I finally did one swimming the other way. Wow. What an eye opener it was to do the first one this way.

Being a right -hander, I was comfortable in making them swim toward the right. Never really thought about why I was doing that...just that it seemed natural. I can now understand why being a righty has much to do with that decision. Making this one swim left was waaay harder than I expected. Not a natural move at all.

I'm hopeful that after having broken ground and made my right and left brain work together on this one, it'll get a bit easier to make others.


sharon said...

Right or left Wanda, this is fantastic! The movement and depth that you create in these pieces is amazing....I totally love it!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Last Saturday night we went bowling for the first time in many many years. We went with our two teen age kids and two of our best friends. We all pretty much stunk since we hardly ever do it. My husband, who is right handed found he could not bowl with his right hand any longer - he had hurt his thumb too many times playing football in college. So what did he do? Bowled with his left hand - just taught himself to do it right there on the spot. If I had tried that it could have become a very dangerous situation for anyone in the bowling alley as I can imagine the ball would have gone everywhere but where I intended. Anyway, I admire you people for just doing what is uncomfortable and achieving such perfect results that no one would have ever guessed it was anything but second nature. As always, your piece is as beautiful as anything I've ever seen. * sigh *

Cathy said...

your work is so incredibly awesome!