Mar 7, 2010

Big Eyed Gals

Just recently I took part in an art magnet swap. For the longest time I felt my muse had decided to take a nap every time I tried to come up with something for this. Then, thankfully, this little critter woke up and decided to play!
In my art room I discovered a collection of tiny wooden pieces in different shapes. Always amazes me what I can find in that room given enough

I started playing around with these pieces and .... after enough moving around of these things the light suddenly went on!! I could see what needed to be done! Yay!

I broke out the acrylic paints and glues and magenets.....and BAM..... my big eyed gals were born!!


sharon said...

Ohhh Wanda...they are just too adorable!

VBR said...

I always get the biggest kick out of your art styles. I visit your blog and zoom around just looking and ooooh and aaaahing! Finally I realized I need to leave a comment!

WW said...

lol...well..glad you decided to say "hello". Thanks for your compliment and I'm glad you enjoy it.