Jan 16, 2010


I must be dealing with a sweet tooth right now. I've just posted a new swap in my art group that is called "Sweet Treat"...says it all.....and now I've just finished another cupcake paper piece!!
A triple header yet...lol !!!
I need cake!! Luckily it's my husbands birthday in another week and I get to make and eat cake and not feel at all guilty about it!

Yay!! Thanks honey ;)


Anonymous said...

These are amazing!!

roc said...

omg..i NEED cake too!!! what's up with that?!?! i'm coming to the hub's b'day bash!!

love your cupcake art. you really ought to submit these to some of the magazines. you could get published!

barefootchef said...

Wow, that is awesome, they look good enough to eat!