Jan 1, 2010

The beginning

2010, the beginning of a new year...new decade. A fresh start once again.
I'm feeling positive about this one! I think everything is looking up and that this is going to be the beginning of many new and wonderful possibilities.

On the art site I trade on it is also a new year of doing "monthly challenges". I've started a new one that will be a "nature" challenge. It will change in themes from botanicals to animals each month as well as the format.
For the start of this new year it began with an artist's choice of flower in 4"x6".

My piece for this was this yellow iris.
I did the whole thing first in layers of watercolor then added in some small color changes in colored pencil. I added to the yellow a bit of "twinkling h2o's" but they aren't visible from the scan.

The background became a bit of an experiment for me. Since I wanted the other members to feel comfortabe in using whatever medium they felt best with, I needed to take it out of the purely watercolor stage. I decided to go with a rubber stamp. Using a random swirly stamp with a gray ink I stamped it with different pressures all over the background.

I'm honestly liking the end result even more than I first imagined. I think it's good for all of us to step out of our comfort zones now and then.

Happy New Year to all of you. May you step out of the old norm and shake it up a bit.
Never know what new and wonderful things lie ahead!


roc said...

happy new year wanda! i hope this year proves to be an awesome one for the both of us. i LOVE your artwork! the background is wonderful. i'm going to make you a rubberstamp lover if it kills me!

sharon said...

I adore your Iris Wanda, it's really gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and being such a good friend. BTW, I like your comment the best!