Oct 26, 2009

This is why

I’m now feeling like I made the right decision to leave real estate.

After a long six-month ordeal to see through to the end, a “short sale”, we are to close tomorrow….but not without having gone through an amazingly painful day today.

Anyone who has never dealt with short sales will have no idea of the trouble that goes on with this behind the scenes.
My buyers are a lovely young couple with a baby who are putting everything they have into buying this house that they absolutely adore!!Anyone who hangs in there for six months must love the house.

Today….what should have been the best day, dealing with the little details for the closing and the excitement of tomorrow turned into an utter nightmare.

The short version of this story is that the banks try to rob everyone of every last dime they can get in these deals and created a problem in the closing that would amount to over 3 thousand additional dollars that “someone” would need to fork over before this could happen.

The seller was in tears because he had no money left to give them. My buyers were down to their last dollar in this purchase, so I knew they couldn’t do anything about it….so I didn’t even have the heart to call them.
The other broker and I went back and forth over this and took every direction we could to try to make this happen. We had a seller in tears and a buyer living in boxes waiting to make their move in the morning.

Well….lets just say that we worked for six months….very cheaply!!!
We’ve now put in between us from our “almost” commissions, all that was needed to make this happen in the morning.
The seller is beside himself and the buyers don’t know that anything ever tried to step on their excitement…..as it should be.

Moral…..Yes….there is a Santa Clause. But now I’ve retired.


roc said...

wow wanda....maybe that is exactly why you were in real estate to begin with! you were somebody's angel. god works in mysterious ways.

Cathy said...

i think it's a good time to get out, wanda.
my husband is a mortgage lender, and the you-know-what he goes thru behind the scenes to try to help buyers get into a home in these tough times is very stressful.
he's blessed when buyers say that it went so smooth. because it didn't. he has to fight tooth + nail + jump thru hoops all the time to help them qualify.
it's a very stressful industry at the moment.
and he wasn't in it when it was easy/peasy.
i say, if you can get out, get out!
good for you for hanging in there for this young couple. they will be blessed, and that will come back to you.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Well, you put tears in my eyes. You're amazing and the other realtor too. You just made a huge impact on several other lives - saved them maybe. That is a far cry from failure my friend. My mom used to say that when you do good stuff like that you get more jewels in your crown in heaven and bigger wings. So, we know who's gonna be lookin' good in the next life. I think you've accomplished a lot and in a few years when the market picks up again, you can jump back in. But, your art is incredible and I hope you go to great lengths to market and sell it someday. Hallmark would probably eat it up by the way. Follow you dream, and when you get a new one, follow it too. Yay for you you good human you. You ARE a hero!

Renee (nayski) said...

Oh wow Wanda, you are so sweet. Not many people would have gone the extra mile like that. I'm glad it's finally over for you.

WW said...

Thank you all very much for all your sweet words.
It really means a lot.

barefootchef said...

Wanda you are a true angel in disguise! I am honored to know such a WONDER WOMAN!