Oct 6, 2009

Last of summer

Sunday was a day that felt like it was the last blast of summer. The temps. were warm and the day full of sun. Inspirational!!

As the day wore on I decided that it would also be a great evening to do dinner on the grill. Toward very late afternoon I went out to get the charcoal going. At this point I noticed that the pond was being enjoyed today as well by a family of swans. There were two adults and one young one.
I went back inside to get some snacks for them and went down to the dock to feed them. How beautiful. Of course it wasn't very long before the geese came by to get in on the act.

When my husband came home from an appointment with clients, we put the ribs on the grill, made cocktails, and went off on a peddle boat trip around the pond. The swans actually stayed around the whole time.

When we came back in and I went out to get the ribs it was just starting to get dark.
The scene was beautiful and I just had to get a pic of that moon.

If this was indeed the last blast of summer.....it was a good one!!


roc said...

those photos are awesome wanda! love those swans!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sooo peaceful! What great pictures! Wish I could see these sights in person.