Jul 13, 2009

Lightening Saga Continues....

Well....our questions have now been answered as to whether or not the tree will survive. The top half of the tree is now on the ground....actually, half on the ground and half in the pool.

Thankfully nobody was out in the backyard when the tree decided to give up. I simply heard a huge crack and ran out to see what happened.
I can now tell you what the surface of water looks like when pine tar hits it. Looks kinda like an oil slick.

Because of the pine...I had to start clearing enough to get the branches out of the pool. I spent a fair amout of time with a saw today....new tool for me!!

I've at least gotten it cleared out of the pool and now have several calls into tree removal companies to get some feedback on taking the rest down. There are still several huge branches now hanging by a thread just waiting for a breeze.

It's pretty sad to see it go. Oddly, I was just speaking with my homeowners insurence company today to see what they would cover...if anything. They said "Oh no...you would have to pay for this....unless of course it falls and hits the house....then we'll pay for it".

You just can't win, can ya!


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

That's too bad. Isn't it just a hollow empty feeling when you have to get rid of a tree that old? I was so upset when we lost our 15yo tree in a storm.

I hope you are able to get everything sorted out. I'm really glad to hear no one was back there when it fell.

barefootchef said...

Oh Wanda, I'm so sorry you are going to lose your beautiful tree! They are so much to us and create such beauty and peace around us.

Hoping that all gets taken care of for you!


Sarah said...

aw that is a shame it gave up... sorry to hear about that. How was cleaning the pool?