Jul 16, 2009

All gone

Well....today the tree was taken down. It took four men. Three to cut the pieces and haul it out to the chipper and one to scale the tree.
The climber went up the tree taking down all the limbs along the way. When that was done he went as high as he could safely go and started taking the trunk down in sections.

As each section came down you could see where it was split throughout the trunk. The cracks went the entire length of the tree. As they would cut these sections into smaller pieces the cracks just made the trunk fall apart.
Well things certainly look different out in the yard.

Even though we have many pine....it's remarkable what a difference it makes to loose one.


roc said...

oh darn...the poor tree didn't make it. i feel for that tree. did you know that pine trees have the almost the same vibratory frequency as humans? that's why, i guess, i love them so.

WW said...

I didn't know that. Gee...now I feel even more badly about it. I actually still have a slice that I kept from it.
It is really amazing what a huge "visual" difference it made with only one tree missing.
Well....if it had to go..at least it went out in an amazingly dramatic way!!