Jul 15, 2015

Got away again!!!

Time....yep. That's what keeps getting away from me.
Hard to believe that it's been a month since I last posted here....very sorry for that.
Guess it's hard to blame me though after the fierce winter we endured and now I've not only got lots of warmth and sunshine, but new gardens and beautiful deck as well.
Hey....a girls gotta get her vitamin D while she can....lol

I have been busy working as well though. Several more lovely Torn Paper Paintings done and I am also hanging in yet another new location....in Tiverton, RI. The Barksfield Shop. In this location I am a bit more free with displaying a wider range of subjects.
While The Little Beach Gallery is partial to coastal themes....and I can certainly understand that....I now have a new home for some of the subjects that I like to create in between the others.
There will also be new things coming up soon....new "products"....made from my Torn Paper Paintings.
I decided that, since everyone on the planet can create a shop of their very own products now that we live in the world of the internet....I may as well do the same!!
It is not open for business just yet....but soon. It's a long time consuming project since I really want to be picky and not just pop my images on everything and anything they fit on. No. I want to be very selective about what I put out there. I want only quality products and images that work well with them. I've even ordered quite a few of the items in advance so I can do a good quality check on them.

Here's a quick peek.

I'll continue to pursue this and hope to have everything up and available in plenty of time for holiday shopping....hint :)
Till then....hope everyone is joining me in that vitamin D!!!

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