Apr 27, 2015

Three weeks later.....

it's hard to believe that the snow is gone and the grass is green and I've been planting spring flowers for the past week!!!
We started the month of April with six or more inches of snow in the backyard...and we're ending the month with flowers and sunshine!!  After the winter we just had...I'd have never believed it.

Yes...this is the same yard....

I can also tell that spring has finally arrived by the fact that I've already made my first trip over to The Little Beach Gallery to drop off new Torn Paper Paintings work for the start of the season...and discovered that one of the larger "whale tail" paintings sold.

Hopefully the season is off to a great start and will continue to only get better.
I'm also enjoying my first spring with the new backyard...that is now "minus" the giant swimming pool. Yay!!!
I'm loving the new landscape and have already spent many hours gardening so that over the next few years it will all fill in and mature and look as if it's always been there.
Everything takes time.....it took forever (it seemed) to be rid of the snow. I think I can manage to relax and wait for the plants to grow.

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