Feb 13, 2014

Think Spring

OK...at least try!!
I can't remember when we've been bombarded with sooo much snow. Geesh...we've been getting like two to three storms a week. No fair!!
As I sit here right now the wind is howling outside and I can't seem to warm up. I think just hearing that is what's keeping me feeling cold....and maybe seeing nothing but "white" outside. There's no color.....just like living in a b&w photo!!
Sooo....I have to stay in my art room where there is color all around me....and work on images of spring & summer!!
Just finished more seagulls on the beach....Three Amigos!! These shore birds seem to always be soo popular...so I'm glad that they are also fun to work on.
I've got several other underpaintings done....but next one in line....huge ice cream cones!!
Yep....I can pretend that I'm in the middle of spring while working on Torn Paper Paintings....but reality really takes a bite when I come back upstairs and get those cold sights and sounds again.
Maybe I can play groundhog and simply stay downstairs.....hmmm....

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Meg said...

This is beautiful!