Jan 16, 2013


Finally. Poor Mabel was in the underpainting stage for quite a long time.

I'd had a request ages ago from a customer who already owned a couple of my pieces to please make a cow for her sometime.

I'd only done one cow previously for a certain show...and it sold right away. You'd have thought I'd make more, but I get most requests for coastal creations due to being in coastal New England. There is however an awful lot of farmland around here too as most good New Englanders know. Soo...a cow is not such an odd request.
I decided that I'd make this one during slow periods...but luckily, there were not too many slow times.

This past week however...after looking at that underpainting for sooo long, I decided it was time for Mabel to come to life.

Mabel - details
Sometimes you just have to wait until the spark happens...and fortunately it did.
Mabel is now promised to go off to her new home soon. She'll be in the company of a koi & a frog (Bill) that were earlier purchases.
I'm soo delighted my work is going to someone who really appreciates it.

Mabel - detail
Thank you Kate.

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