Sep 19, 2012

BOW - Becoming Outdoor Women

Yep...that's what I did...took a weekend retreat
in Maine full of outdoor type classes and activities. The camp it was held at was an amazing property and offered everything from woods to water. Some of my classes were Landscaping for Nature, Nature Photos, Knot tying...etc....but my favorite by far was the Fly Tying!! Yes...who would have thought! But really...aren't they honestly beautiful little works of art anyway?? It was such fun to work on these tiny creations and I plan to continue putting this new knowledge to use whether it is in making actual flies for my husband to use or - creating
variations on this as jewelry.
Can't really say that this has made me more of an "Outdoor Woman"...but when I am outdoors I'm busy keeping my eyes open for lovely feathers now!

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Terri Kahrs said...

Wanda, they ARE amazing little works of art! You have the patience of Jobe!!! Hugs, Terri ♥ xoxoxo