Aug 17, 2012

A Good Week

Just when you think that the summer season in the area is starting to slow can be taken completely by surprise!
I started the week off by hearing that a nice Torn Paper Painting sold at The Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis. Without a doubt...this is the top selling gallery I've been involved with!!
Seems today, before the week is out, another big piece just sold. Nice!!
While I do love every piece I do...or I simply wouldn't do them....I always feel that since they are at a gallery, I always know where to find them and can bring them home when I need to. Sort of like
When they do's a little bittersweet. I'm happy that someone loved one of them enough to give it a good home but of course, I'll miss them.
Seriously though, I'm always delighted to see my art being so well received. It's what motivates me to continue.

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