Jul 15, 2012

Fairs & Fins

It's the time in New England when country & church fairs are plentiful and all the galleries and art groups hold unique shows.
I can't help but to try to go to as many of these as time will allow. This weekend I kept quite busy with fairs, looking for that unexpected treasure. Found one. An absolutely amazing book on "mermaids". Filled to the brim with text on oceans, fish, mermaids, shells, sealife...etc. For a grand total of 50cents....I now have plenty of new text to show up in future pieces. For fifty cents...I don't mind tearing it up!!

click pics to see larger images
Last weekend I spent time at the local art shows. Our local art group held it's summer show...so I volunteered some work time there. Afterward...I went off to see the "Fabulous Fins" that was showing at the Dedee Shattuck Gallery. The participating artists in the local open studios drive were each asked to design a wooden Yellowfin Tuna, to be placed in various locations throughout the area this summer....and will later be auctioned off. 
This particular day was a chance to see all of them in one place together...on the grounds of the gallery!

What a fun showing this was. Always a delight to see what so many different artists will do when given the same exact item to work with.
These pics are just a sample of what was there.
It will be fun as the summer goes on to see where they will be showing up around town!


roc said...

oh...i love those fish!!!

Terri Kahrs said...

Love, Love, LOVE all of these great "fishes"!!! The effect of seeing them swim around the grounds must be magical! Hugs & Love, Terri ♥ xoxoxo

Renee Stien said...

oh, how fun! i love it