Mar 18, 2012


The weather was sooo beautiful today it felt like spring. For New England to be topping 70's in March is far from the norm....but I'll take it.
It was a perfect moment to get outside with my trusty bucket & shovel to set up more reference shots for art pieces.
I went to the pond out back and after a few sandy shots I took it to the dock. Well....I guess I caught the interest of others nearby I hadn't noticed right away.
Before I knew it I had visitors!! They really did seem quite interested in what I was up to. Since they ended up giving me some unexpected reference shots themselves that may very well turn into future paintings....I rewarded them with a little snack.
 Something tells me they may visit again next time too!


Renee Stien said...

oh, i love that swan - such beauty!

roc said...

oh wow...i'm loving those ducks and that swan. what great visitors to have!