Jul 10, 2011

Harry & Sally

Yep...that's their names. For some reason, the moment I finished working on these two, that's what I looked at them and called them....sooo...guess that's what they wanted. Who am I to argue...lol
Well....they now have a new home!
I finished working on them the night before I was due to drop off a piece of work for the local art group show.
Today I went to the art show late this afternoon as it was ending figuring I would be picking these guys up to take home....after all, they hadn't even had a full day of living at my house yet. When I walked in I discovered that they had already found a new home to fly off to!! The couple who purchased them had let them stay in the show until the ending...so I was lucky enough to be there to meet them when they returned. What a lovely couple they were. We had a nice chat and I was able to answer all their questions about my process and point out a few tidbits in the piece to them as well.
Soo...looks like Harry & Sally will be a couple of happy birds. Guess it was all for the best that I didn't get time to bond with them :)


roc said...

how exciting to sell your artwork! that is great news! congrats!

Terri Kahrs said...

OMG, Wanda! No WONDER they flew the coop so quickly . . . . they're amazing!!!! Good for YOU, Girlfriend!!! Congratulations!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Deep Cleaning said...

Really wonderful pieces you've got here, I love them!

WW said...

Thanks gals. Appreciate the nice words! :)

faNdy said...

2 duck :)