May 19, 2009

Nature Moos

At my favorite private art site we have a swap going on for nature inspired moos with text.
What better way to go than using my old vintage dictionary. I love using those pages. The nature images I found there were exactly the inspiration I needed as well. I painted a thin layer of acrylic over the page and when dry, I drew a larger section of the image I picked from that page. I added just a tiny touch of watercolor paint after I did the ink drawing. I then used distress inks and finsihed it up with a quick spritz of walnut ink.
I really like the way these turned out.


LuvLoz said...

Fantstic drawing skills, I thought you'd used a stamp or printed them. They look lovely.

roc said...

these are wonderful wanda. i sure am glad to see some art being made! i miss you.

barefootchef said...

These are totally awesome!

Mary said...

Ooooh! Way cool!