Apr 12, 2009

The real ones

Since I'd posted a piece of art that had been inspired by my Arabian cupcakes...I felt it only right that I should indeed make a few.....not to mention that having done that piece gave me a craving for these treats.
Sooo....with the excuse of adding to the Easter deserts....I did indeed make a batch!!
I thought it only fitting now to post a picture of the inspiration for the art.
Chocolate with pink buttercream for these!

One more tradition of course is the Easter egg coloring.
Any excuse for art...right!!
Always a fun time but a bit of a challenge to clean up. Here my husband has begun the cleaning while my daughter finishes up the final egg. Can you believe she came home for the night just to take part in this fun...lol

Seeing as how my mother-in-law is a minister, Easter is one of those big ones!
Soo...it was off to church we went this morning. Great service...as usual. Had to grab a quick pic. The visual was soo lovely with the big butterful banner and all the flowers behind it.
Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


roc said...

oh my gosh..i want to eat those cupcakes!!

Sarah said...

Those cupcakes were amazing, like usual :) Should have seen Eric's face when he bit into one of the ones I brought home... LOL No word of a lie, his eyes rolled in the back of his head. That is quite the flattering picture of me you have up by the way. Thats what I get for letting you take a picture lol. OF COURSE I'd come home for the night though - I need to get my fill of you guys every now and then :)