Feb 28, 2009

A long week....

Yep....I'm still here!! It only seems like I fell off the planet.
This past week has been sooooo long. I just had to put in a Monday thru Friday training session for the real estate company I'm working for now.
Every morning I was out of the house and headed to class by 7am because it was 1 1/4 hrs away. I'd get back home after 6pm.
My hubby was really good about the fact that I was keeping these long hours and had pretty simple dinners planned for the week.
Well...I've finished yet another requirement....so my schedule is about to become more predictable. Thank Goodness!
I miss my art room and all my toys!
As soon as the energy level is up....I'll be producing art again! YAY
Hmmmm......I think it's nap time first.......

1 comment:

roc said...

well i'm so glad to have you back!